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Dynamic Performance. Static Pricing.

Predictable costs. Superior full hardware performance.
Bare metal servers instantly deployed in 40+ global markets.

No Commitment or Set Up Fees - Limited Time Deals

4-Core XEON

$55 / mo

E3-1230 v6 4-Core
3.5GHz Processor
16GB DDR4 Memory
480GB SSD Storage
20TB / 1Gbps


6-Core Xeon

$89 / mo

E-2236 6-Core
3.4GHz Processor
16GB DDR4 Memory
480GB SSD Storage
20TB / 1Gbps

Best Value

16-Core Xeon

$125 / mo

Dual E5-2630 v3 8-Core
2.4GHz Processor
32GB DDR4 Memory
480GB SSD Storage
100TB / 1Gbps


20-Core Xeon

$259 / mo

Dual Silver 4210 10-Core
2.2GHz Processor
64GB DDR4 Memory
480GB SSD Storage
100TB / 1Gbps

Launch globally.
Choose your location from 40+ global markets.
Chicago, IL
Miami, FL
New York City, NY
Newark, NY
Reston, VA
São Paulo, BR - Coming Soon!
Seattle, WA
Sunnyvale, CA
Toronto, Canada
Vancouver, Canada
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Frankfurt, Germany
Johannesburg, ZA - Coming Soon!
Lagos, NG - Coming Soon!
London, England
Madrid, Spain
Milan, Italy
Paris, France
Poznan, Poland
Stockholm, Sweden
Vilnius, Lithuania
Hong Kong, China
Mumbai, India
Noida/Delhi, India
Pune, India
Seoul, South Korea
Singapore, Singapore
Sydney, Australia
Tokyo, Japan
Asia & Oceania
Grow with us.
Easy deployment and expansion.

Deploy and Expand
with myVelocity

Manage expansive infrastructure with ease using robust tooling such as managed services, instant deployment across the globe, DNS management, instant reloads, bandwidth monitoring, and more all from a lightning fast, mobile friendly control panel.
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myVelocity deploy a new server
myHivelocity REST API Documentation

API Infrastructure
as Code

Interact programmatically with your infrastructure using our Robust REST API. Anything you can do from our control panel, you can do from our API. With integrations to Terraform, Ansible, and your other favorite ops tools, repeatable single tenant bare metal is just a config file away.

Manage your Services
Scale and Upgrade

Let us handle management of your Hivelocity hosted servers, freeing up your technical staff. Server managed services include OS updates and patches, server security hardening and monitoring, proactive service monitoring, and more. Our managed server techs are on-site within feet of your server 24/7/365.
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Companies growing and innovating on our platform.
Klink AI | SAAS

Pioneer in Artificial Intelligence saves 500% by replacing AWS with Bare-Metal.

“In Hivelocity we finally found a data center provider that delivers a reliable, fast network connectivity, the best hardware and quality support.”

Triagelogic | Healthcare

Delivering peace of mind with superior security and HIPAA data protection.

“Hivelocity keeps our system up to date and at a high level of security minimizing any concerns about security or certifications; plus they’re highly reliable.”

Slashgear | Media

Expansion fueled by savings, performance and zero down time.

“In our industry, reliability is paramount. When we get a server, it is not about price but reliability and service which Hivelocity provides to us plus more.”